Travaux Pratiques : Créez vos QR codes en quelques secondes

You can now create QR codes for your marketing straight from your BrandDemand portal.

Simply sign-in to your BrandDemand account.

Click on the Files & Images tab and enter the URL that you want to turn into a nifty QR code.

Files and Images tab in your BrandDemand portal

Type the URL to create your QR code

We’ll even save in in your Files & Images folder for you to use on any templates or artwork.

QR code in Files & Images
The description of the image includes the url that the code links to for future reference.

Files & Images List You could use a QR code on your business card to share contact details, or on a leaflet to link to a special offer. For more great ideas of how to use QR codes on your marketing, read our blog post Nowt so QR as Codes.