Une chemise à rabat pour “habillez” vos documents

Our Fast&Few® Folders are the perfect low-cost folder option for handing out at events or presenting documents in a professional way. If you frequently send quotations, estimates, tenders or proposals, Fast&Few® Folders add a professional touch without breaking the bank.

Combine a versatile Fast&Few® Folders with a set of adaptable inserts and you’ve got an Information Pack that creates a lasting impression.

Make the Information Pack fit the recipient, tailor the content of each pack to suit each client. Only interested in some of your products or services? Only include the relevant inserts. Got a new product or service? Add a new insert. Price change? Just print that insert again, rather than a whole brochure.

Our Fast&Few® Folders and Fast&Few® Gloss Leaflets can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 and are printed in a speedy 3 working days (or faster if required). Plus get them for half the usual price during May.

Create versatile folders with adaptable inserts

Here’s some ideas on how to make the most of our May offers.
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Power dress your documents with folders

â?¢ Make your folder as versatile as possible by keeping the cover neutral.
â?¢ Matching inserts can be updated as and when you need them.
â?¢ Why not include an introductory letter to welcome your customers.
â?¢ Don’t forget the inside. Plenty of space for more photos and information.
â?¢ Remember to include your contact details.
â?¢ A price list is just one item you can include. Other insert ideas; order forms, invoices, enquiry forms, newsletters, quotations, work portfolios, proposals, products and services, company profiles, application forms, reviews and testimonials, information packs and press releases.