Connaissez-vous le pouvoir du Publipostage ?

Are You Utilising the Power of Direct Mail?

Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for generating new business.

It can also be used to develop an on-going relationship with customers to maximise their loyalty, value and consequently, profitability over time. In this digital age when everyone is blogging, watching viral videos and updating social networks, why consider sending a humble postcard? Because it works. Professional marketers still believe in the power of direct mail and so should you.

â?¢ Mailing each month creates strong front of mind awareness.
â?¢ The more consistently mailers arrive the better the response will be.
â?¢ It’s estimated that a prospect must see a message nine times before they will decide to purchase. That’s nine impressions to build the credibility, confidence and trust needed to make a sale.
â?¢ Direct mail should be done alongside eshots, social media and not forgetting speaking to your customers directly, to really get your message across.

Join the thousands of different businesses who use Postcards to great success. To increase your response rate, follow this simple proven formula…

  1. Get your customers’ attention ‘ Use a strong image or headline and our high-impact, high-gloss laminated Postcards will add emphasis.
  2. Keep their interest ‘ Why are you contacting them? Highlight the benefits of your product or service, don’t just list features.
  3. Create desire ‘ Think of a powerful, limited-time offer and make it hard for them to resist.
  4. Give them a call to action ‘ What do you want them to do next? Call? Email? Visit? Tell them!

June is a great time to kick start your marketing with direct mail as Postcards are half price. Need help with design? Speak to your Client Service Team.


* FreshMinds research for Royal Mail ** Marketing Week â?  Royal Mail

Boostez votre marketing avec les cartes postales

Postcards are perfect for Direct Mail

POSTCARDS are a proven direct marketing tool. The beautiful thing about postcards is that the recipient can’t avoid reading your message. Whether you’re mailing them, handing them out in the street or selling them, there’s nothing quite like a glossy postcard.

Follow these tips and join the thousands of different businesses who use postcards to great success…

Don’t waste time, folding, stuffing and licking envelopes. Postcard + address label + stamp = easy!

Whether mailing existing customers or new prospects, the quality of your list will determine the success. Your beautifully crafted message is useless if it arrives in the wrong in-box or lands on the wrong desk. Out of date data can also mean that you waste money sending information to people who have since moved on. Refine your data for a more targeted campaign.

Why are you contacting them? Think of a powerful, limited-time offer and make it hard for them to refuse.

Keep it brief. Write a clear, punchy headline which tells your message without confusing (we can help). You’ll get a better response if you make your Postcards look like a personal message rather than a sales promotion.

Use a strong image or headline and our high-impact, high-gloss lamination will add emphasis.

Even people screening their mail over a recycling bin can’t choose to ignore the message on your postcard.

Give them a call to action. What do you want them to do next. Phone? Email? Visit? Tell them! Really spell it out: ‘call this numberâ?, ‘fill out this formâ? or ‘scan this QR Code

Order Postcards during June and get them half price. Don’t miss the boat ‘ order today!

When is a Postcards not a postcard?
When you use them as…

â?¢ Comment Cards
â?¢ Refer-A-Friend Forms
â?¢ Mailers
â?¢ Surveys
â?¢ Feedback Forms
â?¢ Competition
â?¢ Price Lists
â?¢ Product Specs


Une chemise à rabat pour “habillez” vos documents

Our Fast&Few® Folders are the perfect low-cost folder option for handing out at events or presenting documents in a professional way. If you frequently send quotations, estimates, tenders or proposals, Fast&Few® Folders add a professional touch without breaking the bank.

Combine a versatile Fast&Few® Folders with a set of adaptable inserts and you’ve got an Information Pack that creates a lasting impression.

Make the Information Pack fit the recipient, tailor the content of each pack to suit each client. Only interested in some of your products or services? Only include the relevant inserts. Got a new product or service? Add a new insert. Price change? Just print that insert again, rather than a whole brochure.

Our Fast&Few® Folders and Fast&Few® Gloss Leaflets can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 and are printed in a speedy 3 working days (or faster if required). Plus get them for half the usual price during May.

Create versatile folders with adaptable inserts

Here’s some ideas on how to make the most of our May offers.
Need more help? Contact your Client Service Team.

Power dress your documents with folders

â?¢ Make your folder as versatile as possible by keeping the cover neutral.
â?¢ Matching inserts can be updated as and when you need them.
â?¢ Why not include an introductory letter to welcome your customers.
â?¢ Don’t forget the inside. Plenty of space for more photos and information.
â?¢ Remember to include your contact details.
â?¢ A price list is just one item you can include. Other insert ideas; order forms, invoices, enquiry forms, newsletters, quotations, work portfolios, proposals, products and services, company profiles, application forms, reviews and testimonials, information packs and press releases.

Attirez l’attention avec du vernis sélectif UV

It’s not just magpies that love shiny things’ we’re all attracted to them. Diamond necklaces, new cars, crystal glasses. They never fail to get our attention. Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding glossy StarMarque highlights to your marketing material.

So what is StarMarque?

We all know that adding gloss lamination to an image increases the intensity of colours. StarMarque is a special process which only adds a gloss coating to selected parts of the image or document.

We start with a matt laminated item such as a business card, folder or thick flyer. The matt base provides a great contrast for the next layer ‘ a special hi-gloss varnish. This varnish is only applied to the areas you want, hence the commonly used name “spot varnish”.

The end result is a beautiful flyer or card with both gloss and matt areas. This has the effect of accentuating and drawing attention to the glossy part of the design. Ask your Client Service Team for colour charts to compare the difference.

Who’s using StarMarque?

Damson Restaurant

Lots of businesses are finding that adding StarMarque to their marketing material is giving it a lot more weight and presence. The gloss highlights provide an additional visual stimulus because of the varied textures on the single printed surface. This adds depth and impact and sets the perception of high quality in the eyes of the recipient.

If you’re selling a premium product or are trying to position your business at the upper end of your market, create a striking first impression with StarMarque Business Cards, Presentation Folders, Thick Booklet Covers and Flyers.

Steve Pilling ‘ Restauranteur, Damson @ BBC Media City says ‘Our award-winning restaurants offer modern British food and an extensive wine list, so it’s important our marketing reflects our brand… only StarMarque will do!â?

What works best?

StarMarque looks great added over the top of dark colours ‘ black, dark blue, purple, that kind of thing ‘ that’s where the contrast is greatest. On a light background, the highlights will be less visible and they’ll be practically invisible on white ‘ although that’s sometimes useful if you want to use it as a difficult-to-copy security feature.

Avoid using it over small text or small objects as there is little chance of it exactly lining up and that will be pretty noticable. Best to think of it entirely as its own design element and use it to enhance a piece, rather than simply putting it over existing elements.

What does it cost?

StarMarque is a high-end finishing option which is usually out of reach for most small businesses. It’s usually reserved for expensive marketing material and adding it would normally cost a small fortune. Not any more. With’s revolutionary techniques, you’ll share these high set-up costs with lots of other businesses and pay only a fraction of the normal cost. Get it for half price on selected products during April.

Ask your Client Service Team for free samples of StarMarque items, or for ideas on how they could help make your marketing even more effective.

7 conseils avertis pour l’utilisation de vos cartes de visites doubles

Your business card is your number 1 marketing tool and many peoples first introduction to your business. Make the most of the extra space on a folding business card and your customers will keep it in their wallet or purse and will always have your information at their fingertips. Here’s some ideas on how to utilise the space effectively.

Offers and Discounts
Folding business cards have plenty of space to include your contact details and a special offer or promotion ‘ Free consultation, 25% off your first order or buy one get one free.

Price Lists
A handy pocket size list of your services and prices will ensure your customers keep them close to hand, give them out two at a time, one for them and one to give to a friend ‘ ask for a referral.

Mini Portfolio
A picture speaks a thousand words ‘ use the extra space to include enticing product shots, show off your artwork or display your staff’s beaming smiles. You could also add your best customer testimonials.

Show off your venue in full colour with smart photos that way they instantly recognise that they’re in the right place when they come to visit. Picture cards get attention and look great in high definition full colour.

Location Map
Just moved? Premises just off the beaten track? Make it easy for your customers to find you by adding a helpful map and directions. You could also include nearby bus routes, train stations or local landmarks.

Loyalty Card
Everybody loves getting something for free and your customers are no exception. Record with a stamp or pen on the business card after every purchase and reward your customers to keep them coming back.

Appointment Cards
Sick of clients missing their appointments? Use the inside of the card to fill in your client’s next appointment so they never miss a date, now they’ve got their appointment and your contact details at hand.

For more advice or design ideas, get in touch with your Client Service Team. Get Folding Business Cards for Half Price during March.

Folding Business CardsFolding Business Cards

Travaux Pratiques : Créer un questionnaire de satisfaction clients

Customer Feedback CardWhen would you rather you found out you’ve lost a customer? In a years time when they’ve built a relationship with your competitor or as soon as you’ve upset them? There’s no use delaying bad news. If you’ve annoyed them, best to find out sooner so you can put it right.

One of the best ways to get quick feedback is to run a feedback scheme. If it’s something you know you should be doing but haven’t got round to it yet, follow these 5 steps and have your scheme set up in no time.

1. What do you want to know? Sounds simple, but what do you want customers to rate you on? I’d suggest picking between 5 and 10 aspects of your product or service that you think are important.

2. How should they answer? It’s usual to give people a few tick box options to choose from like “great” or “poor”. Always have at least one question where they can write comments which they may not be able to fit into one of your questions.

3. Should I offer an incentive? Possibly. You may encourage people to fill your cards in if you offer a prize or discount. Think about whether once a month you give someone a free haircut or a free meal, picked out of the cards you’ve had returned.

4. How should it look? Keep it clean and simple an A6 postcard size is usually big enough. Your Client Service Team can help design a comment card to match your branding. Try our SmoothWove Showcards these are easy to write on, thick and bright white. Get them for Half Price when you order in February!

5. Where to put the cards? If you run a cafe or restaurant, put cards on your tables. Run a hotel or guest house? Leave cards in your rooms. Manufacturer or distributor? Put cards in your boxes. Service provider? Send cards with your invoices.