Web To Print Templates

Template Library

All of your branded marketing Templates are stored in one easy-to-access area – the Template Library. You can start off with an initial suite of web to print templates, and then add to the library over time to reflect your changing ideas and marketing initiatives.

When a user in your network is ready to order, they simply browse through the library, choose a Template, and personalize it with their details before placing a print order – choosing from a predetermined selection set by you.

Folder Management

Folder Management

The marketing Templates can be sorted into folders and named by product type, service type, season, etc., to make them easy to find. Templates can be made visible to the whole network, or individual users as required and can appear in multiple folders too.
Fixed -v- Flexible

Fixed v Flexible

You decide which areas of the marketing Templates should be editable and which areas should be locked. Your Client Service Team will apply your preferences to your Templates, ensuring that your network can only use them as you intended.
Active Updates


A clever, time saving tool that will pre-fill the Template with certain details when a user opens it. Information is drawn directly from the user’s account information, therefore reducing the risk of transcription errors.