5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Web To Print

Photo of coffee mug, folder and business cards with a logo on them.

A web to print solution is a marketing collateral management system where control of order entry, fulfillment, accounting and reporting are consolidated and streamlined into one convenient package. Maybe you’ve wondered if your company should use web to print. What are the benefits? Is your company big enough to need it? Factors to consider are your company’s size, marketing budget and number of locations.

There are several benefits to using a web to print system.

1. Brand uniformity

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s your company’s identity and it communicates that identity and your corporate values. Large companies spend millions of dollars creating and maintaining their brands. Uniformity is essential to the entire concept of branding. Your brand needs to communicate the same message across channels and geographic markets because lack of uniformity weakens your brand. When your sales people meet for a trade show or other convention, do their business cards all match? Are the colors, fonts, paper, design and quality the same from one salesperson to the next?

2. Faster turnaround times

In the past, ordering marketing material meant calling various vendors, requesting quotes, designing and sending files, waiting for proofs, making corrections, and waiting for your products to arrive. Not anymore. A web to print system eliminates much of the waiting and communication, and it avoids costly mistakes. Costs are negotiated ahead of time, proofs are instant and interactive, and there is no need for corrections. The ordering process takes a matter of minutes instead of days. In today’s fast-paced business environment, that’s worth its weight in gold

3. Centralized purchasing

Purchasing marketing materials from one vendor saves time and money. If you’re ordering your marketing material from multiple vendors, it may be harder to keep costs down and to track what you’re spending. Even if your products are sourced from various vendors, a good web to print solution will allow your associates to purchase them on a single storefront. Trust us, your accounting department will thank you!

4. Product line control

Web to print solutions aren’t just for printed products anymore. If you’re dreaming of a way for your associates to access various products such as business cards, brochures, name tags, embroidered shirts, and Facebook banners, then web to print is for you. A web to print system allows users to obtain these variable, static and inventory products from one web storefront.

5. Cost savings

Implementing a web to print solution represents a certain level of commitment to your vendor. Vendors like to know that they can count on your business. This means they’re likely to reward your commitment to their web to print system with special discounted pricing for the products ordered there. Additionally, a web to print system eliminates the need to use a graphic designer to make basic updates to variable items like business cards. Web to print saves you money because it allows people with no prior graphic design training to make changes during the ordering process.

Does your company qualify?

If a web to print solution sounds appealing, you may be wondering if your company qualifies. If your company uses several marketing products, has multiple locations and has multiple requisitioners, you will almost certainly save time, money and frustration by using a web to print solution. Franchises and large companies with multiple offices spread across different geographic regions are especially ideal candidates. We’re willing to bet that you can’t afford not to.

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